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We’re an agency for the kinds of healthcare jobs you really want. Founded by nurses, American Medical Staffing is not your typical healthcare staffing agency. We believe in quality over quantity. We prioritize the emotional wellness of our caregivers. And we are 100% focused on improving patient outcomes.

Whether you prefer travel, contract, or full-time work, our mission is to provide you with an optimal employment experience.

If you’re looking for a healthcare recruiter that truly listens and understands you, contact us today.

Clinicians We Place

Registered Nurses (RN)

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Physical & Occupational Therapists

Speech Language Pathologists

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

Surgical First Assistants/
Certified Surgical Technician

Registered Respiratory Therapists (RTs)

And Many More!

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American Medical Staffing offers contract, travel, per-diem, and full-time job opportunities in acute care, corrections, schools, and other settings.

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