Facilities We Serve

We specialize in a variety of healthcare settings.

Serving Healthcare Facilities Nationwide

When you need the highest quality clinicians, American Medical delivers.

Acute Care Facilities

Whether you’re a small community hospital or a large medical network that serves an entire metro area, you need clinicians with the real-world experience and know-how to help the patients under your care. We provide the medical staff you need when you need them most.

Allied Health Facilities

Allied health encompasses a wide variety of therapists, imaging professionals, and other specialized skill sets. Finding clinicians with this niche experience isn’t always easy. But our vast network of healthcare professionals and the expertise of our seasoned recruiters make it simple for allied health facilities to find the experts they need.

Correctional Facilities

Need nurses or other medical professionals to provide healthcare, screenings, and educational services at your correctional facility? AMS can help. Turn to us when you need to source and hire providers with experience in corrections.


Whether your school is looking for a nurse or your district needs professionals to help implement a new initiative or program, we partner with educational facilities to provide healthcare and therapy support services.

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